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Free Estimate for All Our Clients and New Clients


Call us to prepare your estimate. You can have an idea how much will be your refund and how much will be the service charges. It will depend on your tax situation. 


Tax Preparation "Current and Past Years"


We strive to have your taxes done for current and previous year. We need all your documentation for each year that needs to be prepared.

If you do not have your original documentation you need to request a transcript from IRS


Your taxes will prepared, printed and e-file the same day. You will receive the confirmation if your taxes were accepted or 

rejected by IRS. at the same time


State Tax Preparation

Texas does not have state income taxes, but if you moved from another state like Louisiana, or have other state income we prepare the state income taxes for you.


We Will Apply for Your ITIN Number “Must File Your Taxes to Obtain ITIN Number”


If you have income in this country you have to have an identification number  in order to have your taxes done. 

We can prepare your W-7 for you, which allow you to have your ITIN along with your tax preparation. 

Amended Returns for Current and Past Years

Your taxes could be prepared wrong or needs to have some additions or forgotten items . We prepare the amended returns either for the current year or prior 3 years taxes 

If taxes were prepared by us, it could be free if it needs a correction, but if additional forms  needs to be completed or were prepared by another tax office, fees apply

We Will Review Your Taxes Prepared by Other Agencies


A second look is our major concern for new clients. You deserve a better services, therefore we can review your taxes prepared by other tax offices. 

On the review we can tell you if it needs to be corrected or not, if so fees apply depend on the forms you bring to us along with the tax preparation

Profit and Loss Statement

You have a small business, you need to know about the income and expenses for your business 

We prepared  "The Profit and Loss Statement"  along with the  1040 form if you re a Sole Proprietorship or an employee who has an extra income as a business. It includes vehicle expenses, depreciation and or deductions for use of your home

Open Year Round
Services do not finish on April. We are always available  during the year for any question or help you need including those forgotten tax preparation or amended returns.
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